So I started getting into track days a few years ago and I've been running my Monster, but in the back of my mind I keep thinking "I really don't wanna toss this thing away, it cost too damn much!".

So I got a first gen SV650 to build up for the track and I"ve been steadily building it (started winter 2007) and refining it.

Here's what it looked like when I first got it. It had already been on the track, so some things were already done.


It wasn't running and had about a quart of water in the tank. So it needed some love to make it ready going forward. I promptly got it running to make sure it would work and then took it apart to rebuild it.

While I had it apart I did the second gen camswap. I also adjusted the valves as it had almost 13,000 miles on it and it had also spent a bit of it's life on the track. It also got APE manual cam chain tensioners while I was in there.


After the engine was all buttoned up I put the frame back on and then added the swingarm. I raised the rear end a 1/2" with shorter dog bones and added a ZX6 rear shock withe a Hyperpro spring. I cleaned/greased everything and it worked smooth as new. What ever didn't look good got replaced.

rear end

I also put on a Honda CBR900 rear wheel. I used a 47 tooth Sprocketworx rear sprocket and a Galfer rear rotor for a Honda Africa twin as it's the correct bolt pattern and size for this rear wheel mod. (Big thanks to Zoran for making this happen!)

rear wheel

Next I did the front end. This got the modified top headset bearing and mated to 2005 GSXR triples (top/bottom), I used 2004 GSXR 1000 forks with stock internals as I wanted to wait till I rode it for a while to see what changes to make. I used a front wheel from an earlier GSXR (I think 2001). I had to make my own steering stops as they were totally different between front end and frame... I also had a buddy of mine make a steering damper mount for the front of the headstock/frame since the lower triple already had one. I used an Ohlins steering damper in the stock location for the current GSXR's which is in front of the headset away from trouble...

I also used 320mm Brembo full floating stainless front rotors for an earlier GSXR. For front brakes I finally settled on radial R1 calipers with stainless lines mated to the stock radial R1 master with Pazzo shorty levers. Zoran made up spacers for the caliper to fork connection that spaced perfectly for the rotors. Originally I was going to use the entire Suzuki front brake setup but found something I liked better with the Yamaha's. The brakes on this bike are unreal!!!!! I don't need any more power and there's plenty of both feel and control. (the picture below shows with the original brake setup which I never used)

right profile

Next I started putting everything else on to make it run. Wiring harness which I removed the ignition switch from. I wanted this bike to be mostly for the track but still street legal so I could sort out any teething issues on the street and spend my time at the track riding... So this meant I kept the main wiring harness in tact and only modified plug in bits like the ignition switch assembly.

It had a Hindle full racing exhaust that I kept, but cut down a few inches. I did have to make a mount for the mid pipe to the frame as it was a little loose in it's original configuration. In the picture below I've put the stock tail secion on just so I can take it out on the street and see how it feels. I'm biased, but it ran great!

right side

It's also got armor everywhere! I figure if I build it solid it will have a better chance if (hopefully not) ever toss it down the track... Woodcraft clutch cover, Axlejack waterpump cover and clutch actuator cover, Motosliders for the frame and rear spools and some no name front axle sliders. It's also got LSL offset match clip ons with LSL handlebar sliders that are stainless and solid. I used the exhaust sliders too.

Fow a while I was trying to fit the Gen 2 gauges to my Gen 1. In the end I got farther than anyone else has documented, but it wasn't worth it and I was sick of trying to make it work. Before I gave up the idiot lights worked and the tack worked, but the night lights didn't work, the fuel gauge didn't work and there was no relatively easy way of making the engine temprature work. So I ended up using a set of Koso gauges that I"m very happy with. I don't have any pics of this at the moment, but will take some and add.

Gen2 gauges Koso gauges

Koso gauges installed

I then went to fitting the full fairings which were originally for a 2005 GSXR 750. They had been previously used on a Gen2 SV and I'd seen them also mounted on a Gen 1 and new this was what I wanted. The front went on without much trouble, but the back was a bit more work. The 2 pictures below were taken when I was first mocking them up to see how they'd fit.

full left full right

I'm very happy with what it's turned into and I have had a great time every time I've used this bike at the track. At first I wished for more power, but once I figured out how much more speed I could carry thru the corners, it was plenty fast. I've got to lower the tail section a little bit as I always kick it a little getting on and off. I also want to remake the tail subframe and make it nicer. That's for this winter 2008/2009. At some point it's gonna get a nice paint job. Otherwise it's ready for next season!

trackday4 trackday5

I also did my girlfriends Gen 2 as well, but her's stayed naked.

knee down

Here are some more pictures taken on August 17, 2009. The subframe has been redone and it came out nice, it just needs powerdercoat at the moment and to re-route the rear brake resivour.

Mods as of August 2009
Front Rear
2004 GSXR 1000 legs 2005 ZX6 rear shock with hyperpro spring.
2005 GSXR 1000 triples (top/bottom) 1/2" rise dogbones
top bearing kit Honda CBR900 rear wheel with custom cush drive, brake hanger and spacer kit
Zoran made this happen!
LSL offset match clip ons with bar ends  
Ohlins steering damper for 2004 GSXR 1000 with custom frame mount  
2001 GSXR front wheel  
Front Rear
R1 front calipers and radial master with stainless lines Stainless brake line
320mm Brembo full floating stainless rotors return spring on master
Zoran's spacer kit to fit R1 calipers to GSXR forks Galfer wave rotor (Africa Twin 240mm)
Engine Other items
Cam swap (G2 intakes and G1 intakes in the exhaust)

Motosliders frame and rear spool sliders, unknown front axle sliders

APE manual cam chain tensioners muffler sliders
Hindle full system (cut down 5") Pazzo shorty levers
41mm FCR's Koso gauges
  Attack Performance 2004/5 GSXR 600/750 bodywork
  GP tech fairing stay
  Woodcraft clutch cover
  Axlejack water pump cover and clutch actuator cover
  Gilles rearsets
  keyless ignition and vortex gas cap