I got this bike the first day of spring 2009. It's a 2009 Kawasaki ZX6R monster edition. It's gotten awesome reviews everywhere and it felt comfortable after sitting on it at the show.

I finally got to put some miles on this beauty this weekend and it feels fantastic.

Here are some pictures

A few more pictures from recent (spring/summer 2009) trackdays.

Michelle has been tracking our trackdays so far this year (2009) on her blog: http://industrialgrrrl.blogspot.com

taken Sept. 2009 at Monticello

the above is what the bike looked like just before I stripped the stock bodywork to put on track plastics.

No more license plate

Mods so far are:
double bubble tinted windscreen
competition werkes fender eliminator
license plate turn signals
adjustalbe rear links -.75"
ohlins steering damper with proper needle replaced
tech spec "friction" tank pads
Stainless front brake lines
CRG style shorty levers
R&G engine, rear spools and front axle sliders
Woodcraft frame sliders
Woodcraft rearsets
Woodcraft clip ons
quick turn throttle mod
Matris M105R rear shock
MGP slip on (with an Akropovic mid pipe) Evotech exhaust hanger

This bike will primarily be used at the track. I'm toying with sending out the forks and having better pistons installed, but honestly these forks feel great. Currently both front and rear need to be softened just a drop, but this should only be a few clicks away.

I'm getting race bodywork, I'm just waiting for it to be delivered and then I'll fit it and send out for paint. I'm trying to make my bike look somewhat like this below

To the track bike bodywork

So far I've got about 3,000 miles on the bike, I've lost track of the amount of times I've changed the oil and I've already replaced the OE rear tire with a same (non OE) Bridgestone BT016's 5 times, so I'm on my fifth rear tire already and I need a new one again.  I'm on the 2nd front and I replaced the front brake pads which were almost down to metal. These tires don't last long but they have great feel. Not sure what I'm going to try next, possibly Pirelli.