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This is what the bike looked like just before swapping over from street/track to track only bodywork.
Switching to "track only" started with suspension.
A Matris rear shock, adjustable links and I'd already had the stock steering damper "fixed" by Dan Kyle. I've so far left the front end alone cause it's working for me, but at some point I may upgrade the stock pistons.
The triangle with the hole in the bottom that's bolted to the rear peg mount is a prototype tie down strap mount.

Matris rear shock
 and then bodywork.

It got Factory body works which are now installed and almost done.

Here's a few pictures of the bodywork installed before paint.

left side before paint
right side before paint

The bodywork is then going for paint while I finish up the last few things...

My goal is to make it look something like the below
These 2 below images were used for ideas for the number plates
front number plate
tail number plate

These 3 images below are how the bodywork/tank came out directly after paint. right-white rear-right-white front-white

Added a few stickers

I should have carried the black mid stipe through the tank
Still needs the numbers on it.

T mowin the lawn

Mowin the lawn at NJMP thunderbolt April 2010

the below is turn 5 NJMP lightning June 2010

turn 5 lightning